February 8, 2011

MetService continues to track the remains of Tropical Cyclone Zaka, after having taken over responsibility for it from the Fiji Meteorological Service on Monday.  Besides the usual high seas warnings, MetService issued a warning for Raoul Island which Zaka passed close by on Monday night.

“At 6:00am on Tuesday, the remains of Tropical Cyclone Zaka were located approximately 500 km north of East Cape and moving southwards,” commented MetService Chief Forecaster Peter Kreft.  “We expect this system to curve to the southeast today and weaken east of Gisborne.”

As New Zealand’s national meteorological service, MetService takes particular care to ensure that its forecasts and warnings are communicated to the public as quickly and clearly as possible.  “It’s important to take careful note of what the forecasts and warnings actually say, and how they are updated over time, particularly when tropical weather systems are approaching New Zealand,” commented Kreft. “Occasionally, these systems gain celebrity status that is unwarranted.”

As of Tuesday morning, MetService is confident that a ridge of high pressure is likely to strengthen over New Zealand on Wednesday, keeping the remnants of Zaka away.   The southerly wind change arriving ahead of this ridge is likely to clear away the humid air that has been covering New Zealand for the past few days, offering some relief from the sweltering temperatures of late.

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