March 25, 2011

Tropical Cyclone Bune was officially named late on Thursday and is being monitored by the Fiji Meteorological Service and MetService.

“Bune is expected to continue moving slowly southwards near the date line,” commented MetService Chief Forecaster Peter Kreft. “Responsibility for marine and aviation warnings related to Bune is likely to pass to MetService on Monday. As with all tropical cyclones that head into New Zealand’s waters, we’ll be thinking carefully about Bune’s track and the potential for severe weather and heavy ocean swells associated with it. At this stage, because of the high degree of uncertainty about Bune’s track, it is too early to make specific predictions about its effect on New Zealand.”

If it becomes likely that Tropical Cyclone Bune will bring severe weather to New Zealand during next week, MetService will provide initial advice via the Severe Weather Outlook over the weekend. The Outlook is available on and, as well as by email. Keep a weather eye out.

For further information please contact:
Peter Kreft        Chief Forecaster                  (04)4700 806

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