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August 12, 2011

An exceptionally cold outbreak is set to grip much of the country from Saturday until Tuesday.

According to MetService Weather Ambassador Bob McDavitt, this is likely to be a significant winter event. “This is not just a cold snap coming up. It’s a major winter storm, with some places likely to have gale force winds, others to have snow to low levels, and a few places to have both. The combination of cold winds and rain or snow may bring extreme wind chill and cause significant stress to new-born livestock. Snowfall is also likely to disrupt traffic on some roads. This event is likely to last longer than the snow storm of 25th July.”

Large sea waves from the south or southwest are expected on many parts of the New Zealand coast from Sunday or Monday, with the most significant waves on the South Island east coast and around the southeast of the North Island.

On Saturday, temperatures are expected to plunge over Fiordland, Southland and parts of Otago. The southerly outbreak should then move over the rest of the South Island and reach the southern North Island by Sunday night. The coldest day of this event is likely to be Monday, and then conditions are expected to ease on Tuesday or Wednesday. Later that week when conditions have eased, severe frosts and icy roads should still be expected.

MetService has updated the Special Weather Advisory covering this event and will continue to monitor and update forecasts and severe weather information as the situation develops.

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