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February 29, 2012

After almost a week of relatively calm and mild weather, Thursday is expected to be noticeably windy and cool in many places.

“The trough crossing the country early on Thursday is quite dynamic,” commented MetService Media and Communications Meteorologist Daniel Corbett. “With it comes a change to strong cool southwesterlies. To some, it will feel cold. The upside is that in many places, Thursday should be a reasonably fine day.”

On Friday, the winds are expected to ease off as a low approaches from the Tasman Sea. “Saturday is likely to be windy and wet in many places, as this low crosses the North Island and a cool southerly flow spreads over the country,” commented Corbett.

“There is a chance of some severe weather on Saturday, which may affect the Ironman New Zealand event in Taupo and the Karapoti Classic event in Wellington, so keep an eye on the latest MetService forecasts and warnings. Sunday should see conditions ease, clearing to fine weather over the north and west of both islands.”

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For further information please contact:
Daniel Corbett (04) 4700 754 (Media and Communications Meteorologist)
MetService issues Warnings, Watches and Outlooks for severe weather over New Zealand.
Warnings are about taking action:
* When severe weather is imminent or is occurring
* Issued only when required
* Recommendation: ACT
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