March 12, 2012

A fairly large anticyclone should build across most of New Zealand this week to bring a nice spell of settled weather. However, Media and Communications Meteorologist Daniel Corbett commented, “As with many highs, this does not necessarily mean we’ll have wall-to-wall blue sky.”

The anti-clockwise wind flow around anticyclones can very often push existing cloud and moisture from the sea to the land.

“The southeast flow along the east coast of the North Island is likely to keep cloud and even the odd shower hanging around for an extra day or so,” commented Corbett.

The large high should build right across central New Zealand later this week. This didn’t happen very often during summer due to the effect of La Nina; instead, anticyclones tracked further south and a more moist east to northeast wind flow affected the northern half of New Zealand.

Corbett went on to say, “It should be a great week for people with outdoor plans. You might even get a chance for a trip to the beach.”

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