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First hint of winter

April 28, 2012

The first noticeably cold south-westerly outbreak of the year is expected to arrive over southern New Zealand later on Sunday and spread across much of the South Island on Monday.

“This will be the first decent shot of cold air out of the Southern Ocean for some months,” commented MetService Media and Communications Meteorologist Daniel Corbett. “It will be quite a dramatic temperature change after the active front moves through. The extra warm layers will come in handy from Southland up to the rest of the South Island on Monday.”

At this stage, the places most likely to experience the windiest,coldest and most showery conditions are Fiordland, Southland and Otago. In these places, snow may fall to a few hundred metres above sea level. Strong to gale force south-westerly winds will bring blustery showers and a severe wind chill. “Farmers may wish to consider sheltering vulnerable stock,” Corbett went on to say.

“The good thing about this cold outbreak is that it’s over fairly quickly,” said Corbett. “The southwest winds over the country should die away during Tuesday, which means frosts are likely that night.”

More settled and less cold air will spread in by midweek.

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