Mostly dry for ANZAC Day but rain at the end of the week

April 23, 2012

The large anticyclone that has recently dominated the weather across New Zealand is expected to move away from the country during this week. However, it will linger long enough to bring a mostly dry Anzac Day.

As with many anticyclones that have been around for a while, this high is not completely cloud-free.

Media and Communications Meteorologist Daniel Corbett commented, “The weather at dawn on Anzac Day should be dry if not fine for much of the country, but drizzle or a few light showers are likely in the northeast of the North Island and the west and south of the South Island. For those attending a Dawn Service, warm clothing is probably a good idea.”

For the remainder of Anzac Day, fine spells are likely in most places.

A change from the current settled conditions is expected towards the end of the week, as a trough advances onto the country from the Tasman Sea.

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