More wind and rain to come then much colder

May 11, 2012

A major trough of low pressure is expected to dominate New Zealand’s weather for a few days from Sunday.

Media and Communications Meteorologist Daniel Corbett commented “This weather system will have two parts. First, milder northwesterlies are expected to bring persistent, and sometimes heavy, rain to western parts of both islands from Sunday through to about Tuesday. What’s important about this upcoming rain event is that it’s likely to go on for several days in some places and be thundery at times. Secondly, we expect it to be followed by rather a cold southwesterly.”

The northwest winds are expected to bring much warmer conditions to eastern areas, with daytime highs in the high teens on Sunday and Monday.

In western parts of New Zealand, rainfall totals from Sunday through to Tuesday could turn out to be quite significant. There are likely to be some high intensity rainfalls as well, as squally thunderstorms are expected to accompany the main rain band. “Keep an eye out for Severe Weather Watches and Warnings as we get closer to this event,” Corbett went on to say.

“It is still a little early to comment on just how cold the southwesterly outbreak early in the coming week will be,” commented Corbett. “It will be important to keep up-to-date with the latest forecasts at or for mobile devices at or on the MetService iPad app. ” You can also follow @MetService on Twitter or watch our latest videos on MetService TV.

For further information please contact:
Daniel Corbett Media and Communications Meteorologist (04)4700 754

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