Sunny skies and frosty nights

September 16, 2013

Last week saw a very active system slowly push its way across New Zealand,resulting in periods of heavy rain, gale force winds – and over 41,000 lightning strikes in one 24-hour period. This week the weather is looking much more settled as high pressure builds across the country.

As a high moves onto New Zealand, skies will clear and, by midweek, dry conditions should prevail across the country. Clear skies will allow temperatures to climb quickly in the daytime sunshine, but by night the heat of the day will quickly escape. Night time minimums are forecast to head back towards freezing for many spots.

“Spring is a real period of flux, with weather systems very mobile and temperatures able to change by as much as 15 or 20C between day and night,” MetService meteorologist John Law commented. “Tuesday night could be one of the coldest this week, with a frost expected for the Central North Island and many parts of the South Island. Those low temperatures could lead to a sunny but deceptively cold Wednesday morning”.

As we head towards the spring equinox at the start of next week, the length of day is rapidly increasing. The difference between sunrise and sunset is increasing by as much as four minutes a day for parts of New Zealand, with the biggest changes occurring over southern New Zealand.

Towards the end of the week another front is set to move across the Tasman Sea. “At the moment, Friday looks set to be a wetter day for western areas of New Zealand, so stay up to date with the latest forecasts,” Law said.

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