A typical spring week

October 6, 2014

It’s shaping up to be another week of fast changing weather as strong winds run across New Zealand from the north, then changing to the south before finally easing off towards the end of the week.

For Central parts of the country it was a very unsettled start to Monday,with gale force northwesterly winds along the Kapiti Coast and around the capital, although these eased during the morning. Severe Weather Warnings and Watches remain in place for parts of the North Island as winds swing round to the South.

The change from northerlies to southwesterlies puts the likes of Auckland,Coromandel and Bay of Plenty in the firing line for some stronger winds today. “These regions are in line for a very gusty afternoon, but the good news is that the wind eases on Tuesday, and the weather looks much better to get the kids outside,” said Georgina Griffiths, MetService Meteorologist for Auckland.

Southerly changes are set to bring some cooler temperatures once again across parts of the country with road snowfall warnings in place for some of the South Island Passes , while the Desert road may also see some snow showers overnight and into Tuesday morning.

“Another blast of northwest gales is possible for the likes of the Canterbury High Country and central New Zealand around the middle of the week,” MetService meteorologist John Law commented.” With those winds we are also expecting some heavier rain onto the West Coast again. The good news is that the weather looks a little more settled towards the weekend,” he added.

Despite temperatures by day still reaching into the high teens for many parts of the country, the lighter winds and some clearer skies later in the week could spell some frosty nights, especially for the more sheltered, inland parts of the country.

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For further information please contact:
John Law Media and Communications Meteorologist (04)4700 754

MetService issues Warnings, Watches and Outlooks for severe weather over New Zealand.
Warnings are about taking action:
* When severe weather is imminent or is occurring
* Issued only when required
* Recommendation: ACT
Watches are about being alert:
* When severe weather is possible, but not sufficiently imminent or certain for a Warning to be issued
* Issued only when required
* Recommendation: BE READY
Outlooks are about looking ahead:
* To provide advance information on possible future Watches and/or Warnings
* Issued routinely once or twice a day
* Recommendation: PLAN

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