Warm and dry conditions to prevail

January 9, 2015

2015 has got off to a very settled start for many, with large areas of high pressure dominating the weather across much of New Zealand and continuing to bring plenty of dry and sunny weather. Heading into this weekend there is little change in store, with the North Island set to stay dry and warm. Meanwhile, a weakening front is set to bring cloud onto the South Island on Sunday as well as some wetter weather for the West Coast.

Temperatures over the eastern side of the South Island are expected to rise on Saturday as winds swing around to the northwest. “It looks like another dry and hot day for much of Canterbury and Otago on Saturday,especially away from the coast where we could still find that cooler northeast wind with us to start the day,” said MetService Meteorologist John Law. Some of the warmest spots are likely to be in the Mackenzie country and Central Otago, where the mercury is heading for 30C once again.For the North Island, Saturday is shaping up to be a warm and dry day with temperatures expected in the mid to high twenties across much of the island.

Sunday sees a slight change in the weather as a weak front pushes northwards across the South Island. “The large blocking high we have had over us this week has been keeping any frontal activity to the south of the country, but over the weekend it finally progresses a touch further north,” Law said. “Although this is likely to bring some cloudier skies and wetter weather, the majority of the activity is likely to be west of the Southern Alps and little useful rain makes it across into those eastern areas that need it the most,” he continued.

The outlook for the rest of January does bring some hope for those wanting rain, with another frontal system heading our way later next week.

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