Wet and Windy Week

May 11, 2015

An active weather week lies ahead, especially for central and southern New Zealand as a couple of low pressure systems and their associated fronts sweep over the country. Warnings and watches have been issued for many parts of central and southern New Zealand as the first series of fronts brings heavy rain, thunderstorms and strong or gale winds during Monday and Tuesday.

“It’s important to stay alert to what is happening as there are a number of features bringing different types of risk to different areas,” MetService Meteorologist Rob Kerr stressed. “For example, heavy rain in the Southern Alps could result in rapidly rising rivers in eastern parts,despite significantly dryer conditions away from the Alps.”

While strong or gale northwesterlies are common around central New Zealand,especially Wellington, they should still be treated with caution. “There is also a wee sting tin the tail, when a southwest change on Tuesday could bring snow down to 700m briefly about the Southern Lakes and Otago, and also Banks Peninsula could see severe gales as the low moves away to the east,” Kerr added.

Later in the week, a narrow ridge will bring brief respite from the rain and wind from late Tuesday into Wednesday. However, another broad, complex low tracks eastwards across the country during the remainder of the week. This will likely bring strong winds to Auckland on Thursday as the Boat Show gets underway. As this low moves away to the east on Friday, it will leave us with a cooler southerly flow over most of New Zealand into the weekend.

Keep up to date with the latest forecasts and any watches/warnings at metservice.com or on mobile devices at m.metservice.com. You can also follow our updates on MetService TV, at MetService New Zealand on Facebook@metservice on Twitter and at blog.metservice.com.

For further information please contact:
Rob Kerr Metservice Meteorologist (04)4700 754

MetService issues Warnings, Watches and Outlooks for severe weather over New Zealand.
Warnings are about taking action:
* When severe weather is imminent or is occurring
* Issued only when required
* Recommendation: ACT
Watches are about being alert:
* When severe weather is possible, but not sufficiently imminent or certain for a Warning to be issued
* Issued only when required
* Recommendation: BE READY
Outlooks are about looking ahead:
* To provide advance information on possible future Watches and/or Warnings
* Issued routinely once or twice a day
* Recommendation: PLAN

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