Welcome sunshine for some

August 9, 2015

A cold southerly flow over New Zealand should bring plenty of sunshine in northern and western parts of both islands during the first half of this week. “This sunshine will be well earned after all the rain these places had last week,” said MetService Meteorologist Stephen Glassey. A ridge of high pressure building over southern New Zealand on Monday will also bring fine and frosty conditions to the lower South Island. “Showers with hail and snow to low levels have affected many places this weekend,but most of the showers will become confined to the eastern and southern parts of the North Island by Tuesday,” commented Glassey.

Although many places can look forward to some sunshine, the temperatures across the country will be relatively cold. The southerlies gradually die out over the South Island during Monday and Tuesday, which will help bring severe overnight frosts to parts of the South Island for the next few days.

On Wednesday, the showers should clear most remaining parts of the North Island. However, a low approaches New Zealand from the Tasman Sea on Thursday and Friday, which will eventually bring more rain.

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