A change to more spring-like weather

September 28, 2015

After the cold southeast flow that persisted over the country last week,this week sees a change to weather patterns which are more typical of spring. A ridge of high pressure is expected to bring fine weather to most places during Tuesday and Wednesday, before a series of fronts spread across New Zealand from the west late in the week. “These faster moving weather features spreading from the west are much more typical of spring than the slow moving situation we had last week,” commented MetService Meteorologist Stephen Glassey.

Eastern areas in particular can expect a warmer and drier week ahead after all the rain they had last week. Strong northwest winds precede a front as it moves across the country during Thursday and Friday, with gales likely in central New Zealand. “The northwest winds on Thursday will help produce warmer temperatures in the east,” said Glassey. A cold southwest change follows the front but it should be relatively short-lived since the features are moving through quite quickly.

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