The typical summer weekend weather mix

February 11, 2016

A ridge of high pressure continues to sit over central New Zealand giving the country a typical summer’s day and this continues through the weekend.

The main trait of typical New Zealand summer weather is blue skies and warm temperatures. However, a summer’s day ridge can also mean trapped moisture under the high giving some morning and late evening cloud especially to some coastal areas. This will be noticed along the east coast of the South Island tomorrow.

While most people will see blue skies, daytime heating and onshore breezes can trigger the odd shower inland.  This weekend a few showers are expected to pop up over the North Island in the afternoons, some possibly heavy over central or northern areas.

The ‘Coast to Coast’ starts tomorrow at Kumara Beach with low cloud in the morning making way for blue skies. There is a chance of an afternoon shower as competitors navigate the ranges, but hopefully this won’t affect the race. Weather is looking good for this weekend’s Marlborough Wine and Food Festival, with temperatures about 27C. And of course, take advantage of the summer weather this Valentines by planning a picnic; although for those in Dunedin wait until the afternoon as there may be some morning drizzle.

In the tropics, Tropical Cyclone (TC) Winston northeast of Vanuatu, was named today by Fiji Meteorological Service.  TC Winston is expected to move southeast and is not expected to affect New Zealand this weekend. The global weather models currently keep this system to the north of New Zealand as it gradually moves to the southeast. Another tropical depression lies in the Coral Sea and has a high chance of also being a named tropical cyclone by tomorrow. This is currently moving east, but these systems still have the potential to change track so MetService Meteorologists are still keeping a close eye on both these systems. More information can be found at

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