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Settled weather for the remainder of the school holidays

April 28, 2016

A stubborn ridge of high pressure, which has brought fine weather to much of New Zealand this week, continues to deliver sunshine and mild temperatures to many places for the last few days of the school holidays. By the end of the weekend, the high starts to lose its grip on the country and retreats to the upper North Island as a front approaches.

Settled weather prevails across much of the country through Friday and Saturday as the high remains in charge of our skies. However, a weak front manages to push onto the southwest of the country on Friday, before weakening as it moves northwards. MetService Meteorologist Peter Little commented, “This front brings a period of rain to Fiordland and Southland on Friday, but fizzles quickly as it moves northwards and runs into the strong high”.

On Sunday, as the ridge of high pressure retreats to the upper North Island, a northwesterly flow strengthens over central and southern New Zealand. Although these northwesterlies bring cloud and showers to the West Coast of the South Island, dry and warm conditions are likely further east. “Temperatures in the east of the South Island could climb into the mid-twenties on Sunday, making for a warm start to the new month”, commented Little.

Little went on to say, “Looking further ahead, the West Coast of the South Island can expect rain for the start of next week. Meanwhile, the remainder of the country continues to be mostly dry and warmer than normal”.

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