Getting wetter through the week

August 21, 2016

Sunny, calm and settled weather has prevailed over New Zealand for the last week, but that all changes as we look ahead into the coming days.  A series of weather systems roll across the country from the Tasman Sea, bringing wetter and windier conditions to the country. The wind at Wellington airport has so far gone 13 days without being classified as strong (21 knots or 41 kph). However the breezy capital’s characteristic northerly looks set to break the run and become strong again later Sunday afternoon.

During the week expect successive periods of rainfall, especially in the west of both Islands, as a rollercoaster of lows and fronts move across.  Thursday and Friday have the highest potential for heavy rain and strong winds, as a deep low pressure forms west of the country.  However there is a lot of uncertainty in the models, so the public are urged to check metservice for details.


This image shows probabilities of rainfall for the three main centres. Although there is a small chance of rain most days, the highest chance of heavy falls is in the second half of the week.

“Despite the increasing rainfall there will some breaks of sunshine”, said meteorologist Tom Adams, “and with maximum temperatures for many places up in the mid-teens there will be a good few moments to feel like spring is on the way.”

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