Settled but not overly Sunny for Start of Summer

December 1, 2016

A high covers New Zealand over the weekend and brings a mixed bag of weather. Usually we think of a high associated with fine weather. However, there will be some moisture in the form of cloud trapped underneath this high interrupting sunny weather.

Tomorrow we see a weak front bring drizzle to the northeast of the North Island while the high sits over the rest of the country.  Apart from some morning cloud and a spot of drizzle the South Island is set to clear up by the afternoon. “The high expands over central and northern New Zealand on Saturday but we’re expecting more cloud than sunshine as there isn’t much wind to blow the cloud away,” said MetService spokesperson Tuporo Marsters.

Isobar map for 9am Friday  by Weatherscape
Saturday will be warm with maximum temperatures in the low 20s or high teens. A front comes onto the far south during the afternoon bringing some rain there then fades away at night.

Sunday’s high is not a strong one, as moisture seeps through to the middle of the country coming out of a low in the Tasman Sea and another weak low off the Canterbury coast.  Mr. Marsters suggests,  “It is best to take an umbrella to the Santa Parade in Christchurch, just in case, as there could be a shower with the southerly change.”

Further afield, the tropics is starting to become more active and MetService is monitoring a low over the tropics that formed near New Caledonia. It is expected that this low will not affect any main islands and will skirt harmlessly away to the north east of New Zealand on Saturday.

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