A more settled week weather wise

April 18, 2017

This week will see New Zealand return to a much more benign weather pattern than we have encountered for some time, as the clean-up from Cyclone Cook continues.

A large high pressure system will dig its heels in between New Zealand and Australia, barely budging for several days and directing a weak to moderate southwesterly flow over the country.

“The weather will be very different from last week, going from chaotic to calm,” said MetService meteorologist Angus Hines, “Folks should be packing an extra layer for the walk to work or dusting off the winter duvet, as the chill in the autumn air will be quite noticeable.”

While temperatures are not going to plunge to mid-winter lows just yet, many places will be lucky to get above the mid-teens during the week, before warming in time for the weekend.

“For want of a better word, the weather is going to be rather boring this week,” added Mr. Hines, “there will be the odd shower around for most regions, but nothing too severe, and that’s bound to be a relief for those who have been bombarded over the last few weeks.”

The weather remains settled as we finish the week, which bodes well for an action-packed weekend.

“The opening ceremony for the World Masters Games is at Auckland’s Eden Park on Friday, kicking off a 10-day sports extravaganza,” added Hines, “There are also three Super Rugby matches being hosted in the country this weekend, as well as the school holidays, ensuring ample opportunities to get out and about without having to worry too much about the weather, for once.”

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