A week with a flakey high ends with a soggy weekend

July 2, 2017

“Not an exciting past week weather wise”, said MetService Forecaster Tuporo Marsters. “A feeble high came through last Monday and struggled to establish itself over the country midweek” he added.

It did bring some fine weather mixed in with frost and fog in the morning especially to Hamilton. Clear nights dropped the temperatures to sub-zero in the deep south with -5 at Dunedin Airport on Monday and Thursday.

There were a few niggly troughs around the edges of the country that brought cloud and a few showers, but nothing significant.

Forecasters had their eyes on a developing trough in the Tasman Sea. A front associated with it eventually came through Saturday night pouring rain onto the Rugby test in Wellington. The front also brought over 200mm to the Nelson ranges.

A low west of the South Island is forecast to move onto the North Island tomorrow bringing with it another wave of unsettled weather.

From Monday night, we get a front coming up from the south bringing cold air and snow lowering to 500m for the southern regions of the South Island.  Great news for the ski-fields.

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