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A benign start to the school term

October 13, 2014

The ridge of high pressure that provided a fine end to the school holidays across much of the country remains in charge for most of this week.

“The high remains firmly in place over the North Island until the middle of the week, providing more sunny and warm afternoons for many. However, cloud and drizzle may feature for some western areas as we move through the week, ” said MetService meteorologist Peter Little.

Over the South Island, fine weather is also the main story at first. A front moves onto the lower South Island early Tuesday, but makes little progress as it runs into the strong high.

“As this front moves onto the far south it delivers a period of heavy rain to Fiordland,” commented Little. “Rain is also expected in Southland and parts of Otago during Tuesday and Wednesday, before the high wins the battle and the rain retreats to the south of the country,” he added.

A new front is expected to move onto the South Island on Thursday, preceded by a strong northwesterly flow. This brings further rain to Fiordland and Westland, and warmer temperatures for eastern places. “It’s likely a number of towns in the east of both islands will exceed twenty degrees later this week,” said Little.

The front stalls over central New Zealand on Friday, bringing rain to the West Coast and southwest of the North Island. Expect mostly cloudy skies for other northern and western places, with patchy drizzle to bookend the day. The continuing northwesterly flow keeps eastern areas mostly fine and warm.

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